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 ~*The Rules*~

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PostSubject: ~*The Rules*~   Sun Jul 20, 2014 9:37 pm

Just A Few Short Rules:

1.) This is a human roleplay! We are realistic humans, though. I don't care if you have blue hair and piercings, that's fine, originality is key, right? Just please, be human and only human. No werewolves or angels. And no powers as well.

2.) If you have items with your character, please clear them with the staff or the one who recruited you to make sure they're okay.

3.) Keep OOC drama to a bare minimum.

4.) Be literate OOC. Text chat is prohibited.

5.) This is a very mature roleplay. The main plot of the roleplay consists of drug addiction, fighting and alcoholism. Swearing will occur. Sex will be mentioned. If you can't handle that, you may want to find a more censored group, with all due respect.

6.) No boyfriend/girlfriend begging.

7.) Children aren't allowed in this roleplay. Please have your character at least over the age of 17.

8.) Be literate IC. Text chat is prohibited. Literacy is expected like in your sample. This means no action marks ( - ). The minimum for a post is two sentences. If your post is two sentences or a few more, please put a -s-.

9.) Post-cutting is prohibited. We understand that it occasionally happens by accident, but if you continuously post-cut we will talk to you personally about it until you stop. If your post is continued, you are expected to put a  -c-, >> or a -- at the end of it.

10.) No goddmodding, autohitting or powerplaying. You should know what these mean.

11.) Realistic roleplay means you will get sick. It is alright to contract a virus, but don't get cancer or something. You can have a flu which needs to be treated, but don't get pneumonia or some shit that makes you slowly die for 3 months while we all are forced to center the RP around you. Which we will not do. We will most likely just.. Put you to sleep.

12.) Please do not be an attention seeker!

13.) It may not seem like it, but we ARE a realistic roleplay! Your character cannot be perfect. If you appear to be a god of beauty, we will talk to you about it. We are all addicts and alcoholics. There are no showers down here. There's no treadmills. You are not perfect. If your models appears to be perfect, make sure you list somewhere that you're too thin, or something. Be creative.
Also, your characters must look realistic! Yes, please be original when creating a character, but things such as different colored eyes {purple, orange, whatever} must be approved by a creator (Logan or Annie or Marcus)! We are tired of seeing several people with strange, unrealistic traits with no explanation behind them.

14.) All jobs must be approved by a creator (Logan or Annie or Marcus). You are not allowed to start your own business. You can have a job, but do not open a jewelry store or anything. The only businesses are those that are IN the map, like the markets, bar, etc.

15.) Not everyone can do runs! And if you are a porter, limited runs only. It's a long journey to upstairs and back. If you do go, you'll most likely be gone for 2+ days. Don't be on a run every day.

16.) Please be realistic. This is not a movie. We don't have regenerating health and look like we just got out of hair and makeup. Please act realistic. Just think about real people. Real addicts. Real struggling alcoholics.

17.) Please, no humanspeak or whatever. Hands are hands. Eyes are eyes. Head is head. Sure, use more specific words, but cranium, phalanges? Please don't.

18.) Be active, please! We cannot succeed as a successful group without our dedicated and loyal delinquents!
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~*The Rules*~
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