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 Assistant/Secondary Jobs

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PostSubject: Assistant/Secondary Jobs   Sun Jul 20, 2014 10:08 pm

All of the main jobs need their staff to support it! When you get into the Catacombs, since this is realistic, you're probably poor as dirt! I would recommend getting a job.


- Alexius and Kai's assistants (They do whatever they want, including checking up on the hotel guests, since Kai owns the hotel as well)

- Lab organizers (Keep everything where it's supposed to be, clean occasionally, wipe up spills)


- Bar organizers (Keep everything where it's supposed to be, cleans up spills, grabs new drinks if [owner] runs out)

-Busboy/Or girl (Take away all of the dirty dishes, wash them, bring them back)

HELP WANTED. The Weapons Market:

- Cleaners (Make sure ALL of the dirt is off all of the weapons. Annie hates grungy metal)

- Repairers (Buff up/repair all of the weapons if Annie says to do so)

HELP WANTED. The Hospital:

- Nurses/Assistants (They tend to the wounded or injured, make sure they get their meds at the right times, get them whatever they want, and do whatever the doctors want them to do)

- Organizers (Make sure the hospital is tidy)

General Jobs:

- Electricians/Engineers (The Electricians and Engineers obviously fix and repair things in the Catacombs that need fixing and repairing. Decent pay)

- Runner (Runners work for nobody in particular. They should routinely check up on the business owners, asking if they need to run anything to someone else. Runners also pick things up for the business owners, if they need something from somewhere else.)

- Messengers (Sometimes people don't really like to run through the Catacombs to tell their friend to come over for dinner, so they can pay a messenger. Messengers generally don't make a lot of money, but they get to explore and be wild. Messengers must always have a map of the Catacombs in their pocket if they don't know the routes by heart)

- Porters (This is a rough job, and only the toughest of the toughest do it [This is best for a secondary character, if you want one]. Porter is slang for Importers and Exporters, since they do both. They get paid GOOD money, since many of them don't return. Porters are sent upstairs to steal good for the business owners, if they want them. Sometimes people need things, but don't go up themselves, so they pay good money to send up a Porter.)
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Assistant/Secondary Jobs
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