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PostSubject: Debriefing   Debriefing EmptyMon Jul 21, 2014 12:18 am

NOTE: Due to some technical difficulties with the new map, the debriefing isn't as accurate as it should be. But the descriptions are as far as I know. Please bare with me until I can get the map fixed. Thank you.

A quick debriefing..


Amprosyllic Acid - Amp - Amp is the sustenance of the Catacombs. We breathe it, we eat it, it lives in us. Not one of us in the 'Combs hasn't tried Amp. Our blood is 50% bodily fluids, and 50% amprosyllic acid. Amp is very versatile: it can be smoked, snorted, drank, inhaled, chewed, shot directly into the veins, or put into pill capsules for easy access. Amprosyllic acid is a minor hallucinogen, meaning it's completely fun and games with what you see. No bad trips. Intense amp doses in a short period of time cause an extreme amount of adrenaline, energy, and it stimulates all of the senses. Amp usage over a longer duration of time causes tranquility and peace of mind, as if emotions are viewed through a dirty glass window. Even if you use amp for a long period of time, your senses will still be heightened. You will see clearer, hear better, feel more impassioned... With longterm use of amp, you will feel like a better you! But you will be oblivious to the side affects. Side affects of amprosyllic acid include weight loss over a gradual time period, skin irritations, rashes and itches over a short period of time, as well as a few... Other... Side affects for the men. All in all, amp is completely worth the side affects. Plus, for all you boys, if your senses are heightened, why worry about the small side affect?

The Bar:

The Bar - Tiger's Cafe is the only real bar in the down under, run by our crossdressing ginger, Marcusno one currently. Marcus started the bar to fulfill the need of alcohol. Plus, he gets it at a cheaper price. The bar is located towards the south side of The Catacombs. Stop by whenever you want. Sip on a beer, get hammered and sing Yankee Doodle with the bartender... To each their own.


Annie's - Weaponry Market - Annie's is a privately run black market for tools and weapons, specifically swords. Annie is an extremely skilled thief, con-artist and escapist up in the real world. Swords are a rare delicacy down in The Catacombs, so don't be shocked if you go to get some and there's only a couple left! Annie has to make trips up and down and up and down, back and forth from the 'Combs to upstairs to try and import more weapons to sell. Be careful of her, though. Although she is easy on the eyes, if she catches you staring, you won't have them anymore. Remember, she's skilled with a blade. Skilled.

The Market:

The Market - Food Market - The Market is... Well, a food market. People have to eat, right? Visit the market, but make sure you leave a few dollars behind, too! It's hard work importing bananas from Safeway, all the way down to here.


Infirmary - The Hospital - Not much to say about this, either. If you're sick or managed to get yourself hurt, visit the Infirmary and they'll patch you right up. We would like to interrupt this program to say thank you to our sponsor, The Playroom for supplying all of our sedatives, knock-em-out-ers and everything else we need! The Infirmary can do emergency surgeries, but don't expect it to be clean. You'll be knocked out with Ether, sliced open with a hatchet, disinfected with vodka, and cauterized by hot metal rod.

Kai's Hostel:

Kai's Hostel - The Hostel - Kai's Hostel is just past The Playroom, if you continue straight on. There are 4 tents in Kai's Hostel. 3 are single bed-ers, but one has 2 beds, for those siblings or inseparable best friends. If you're out of a place to stay, and want somewhere to call home for a bit, stop in and see Kai at the bar, and he'll hook you up. But nothing's free in this world! Pay up front, or sleep out on a bridge.

The Playroom:

The Playroom - Alexius's Lab - The Playroom is possibly the most sarcastic name that could be given to the lab. Within the Playroom, Alexius comes up with all sorts of concoctions, from alcohol to pain relievers, to rust-removing gel, to, well, drugs. The main drug made in The Playroom is amprosyllic acid, or, amp, as you should have read earlier. Alexius comes up with anything. If you want something custom, pay them up front, and see what they can do. The entire place smells like rubbing alcohol, mould, bleach, vinegar and very, very fertile soil. Probably something they sprays on it.

The Prostitution Ring:
The Prostitution Ring - Alaska's Ring - The Prostitution Ring is what the name suggests. If you've got coin, and it's the right amount, you could spend the night next to another. Heh...though neither of you will be sleeping. This fine group of ladies will do anything for a little bit of money. Members of the Ring are found usually near the bar (until the Brothel is up and running), seeking out prey and a good time. The Ring is led by the one and only Alaska. Find her, and I'm sure she'll set you up with one of her girls. Or maybe herself.

The Brothel:
The Brothel - Ring's Sex House - Another thing the Ring runs is the Brothel. This is located in the south-western most part of the map, bottom left corner. If you have never heard of a Brothel, let me explain. It's a sex house basically. Anyone, male, female, or otherwise is welcome to stop by for a fun night. Viewing of the strip shows are free, but anything...extra...will cost some coin.

The Club:
The Club - Taylor's Club - Pretty much what the title says. The Club is run by Taylor or anyone else she employs. This place was one of the first hotspots to be set up after The Collapse. Complete with a dance floor (multi-coloured crates [Tobi's idea, blame him]), stereo system, minibar, table and benches, and a couch, this place is the place to be if you're looking to party all night. Or all day, depending on the hours it's open.

The Tattoo Parlor:
The Tattoo Parlor - No one runs the Tattoo Parlor right now so we will be looking for people interested in doing that. Basically a simple tattoo parlor for those wanting a new tat. Warning: Might not be extremely sterilized because Combs, but it is what it is.

The Clothing Shop:
The Clothing Shop - Partner businesses with the Tattoo Parlor, both shops are found towards the centre of the map. It's where you go to get new clothes or have your current ones patched up or tailored. Open to hire a new owner.
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